What has Medicare part D become?

What has Medicare part D become? Recently with the health insurance Drive upon pricing my medications with my health insurance broker with various Medicare part D providers, the gravity of this problem was even more greatly amplified and was accompanied by a stunning “aghast” from my friend (the Health insurance broker).

In my opinion Medicare part D is the pharmaceutical companies, along with the blessing of US Congress, concocted adroit maneuvers to extract the maximum amount of money that any patient is willing or able to be separated from for second rate generic drugs, when brand names can be purchased in other developed countries for many times less. Together the US monthly premium and the deductible usually cover the cost of medicines in Europe & Canada, who are still making a profit. Then the U S additional markup on these medications ascends close to 10 times higher then what could be purchased in Europe or Canada

The system is set up so that with the patient’s deductible and monthly premium Americans are already paying for their medications and anything above that is a donation to the pharmaceutical industry.

Somehow we providers stood by either unaware, acquiescing, or incapable of preventing this congressionally approved transfer of wealth to the pharmaceutical companies.

However, I can say that Cardiovascular Risk Reduction USA patients have avoided this scalping and at times because of judicious drug apportionment are paying less than the European and Canadian market.